Coeymans NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

If you are looking for an experienced traffic lawyer to represent you in the town of Coeymans, consider attorney Randall Kehoe who has been practicing traffic law since 1990 and is familiar with Capital District courts, judges, prosecutors, and procedures. To contact him, please call our office by phone, use our Live Support Chat (during business hours) or send in an inquiry by email using the "Get Started Now" form provided for that purpose. Consultations are free of charge and we will not pressure you to hire our office. Mr. Kehoe offers flat, affordable fees for New York speeding tickets and other traffic matters including SPEED IN ZONE, SPEED OVER 55 (and other 1180 violations), reckless driving, 1144a, OP Mobile Phone / electronic device tickets, signal violations. We can also help you with more serious misdemeanor cases like A.U.O. (Aggravated Unlicensed Operator) and help restore your suspended license when a fine has not been paid or ticket has remained unanswered. When insurance rates, license points, and even driving privileges are at stake turn to experienced counsel to bear some of the burden and help you obtain the best outcome possible. Speak with the Coeymans Traffic Lawyer today!

We are also available as of counsel in the Coeymans Town Court and other justice courts in Albany County.

We also offer experienced DWI defense in Greater Capital District Counties including Albany County. As a very serious offense, particularly with new Leandra's laws in effect mandating the installation and subscription to a vehicle alco-sensor device, DWI must be handled with care by an attorney familiar with local policy and prosecutors. Call or submit an online inquiry to discuss the details of your DWI case in the town of Coeymans, New York.

Coeymans, New York is in Albany County and its town court is actually located in Ravena. Just in case you have recently received a speeding ticket or other violation there, here's the Coeymans Town Court address (But the court address and contact phone number will be on the traffic ticket itself that the officer or State Trooper hands you):

Coeymans Town Court
18 Russell Avenue 12143